I’M THERE is designed for people who no longer want to travel to see arts and cultural events they love, but don’t want to miss out on these fabulous forms of entertainment either.

Through our immersive technology, “I’m There”, you can attend a live event such as a candlelight concert, without having to travel or sit in a crowded venue.

With I’M THERE, you are sitting in the audience with friends beside you, experiencing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, a Gospel Choir or hearing one of your favourite writers read from their new book.

We film our events using the very latest cutting-edge 12k cameras and then display each event across three large (42’) Ultra High-Definition 4K LED screens, extending out by 160 degrees to fill your peripheral vision.

The rich stereo sound of each instrument as well as the atmosphere from within the theatre, have all been captured in order to further convey the sense of I’M THERE, in the audience, on the night. Our sound speakers deliver a rich soundtrack to the audience, enabling everyone to enjoy the music together, to clap at the end of performance, to feel I’M THERE.

Lightweight wireless headphones feed the gorgeous stereo sound to audience members who may prefer to set the soundtrack to play at a higher or lower sound level, to suit them.

“My husband loves jazz, and we’re going to make a special effort to see that in I’M THERE, thank you.”

“I’ve been working in the retirement living and aged care sectors for over 10 years, and I’ve never seen anything like I’M THERE”

“Which show are we having next month, as I’m going to invite my daughter to experience I’M THERE with me?”


This is not Virtual Reality, it’s IMMERSIVE Reality. No heavy VR headsets. No sense of claustrophobia. No weariness.

Book your demonstration today and receive the full technical spec, schedule of monthly events, costs of hardware and monthly subscription fee.